Driving the Future with a New Kind of Car Company


When driving, it’s important to keep your eyes on the road and maintain a clear view of where you’re headed so you can avoid obstacles and arrive at your destination as quickly as possible. This same philosophy is a driving force at Visteon, a firm that designs and manufactures vehicle cockpit electronics, connected car solutions and an autonomous vehicle platform.

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A World Without Grocery Stores

Imagine for a moment a world without grocery stores. I suspect you’ll find it difficult to do, and with good reason. For most, our earliest childhood memories include being placed in a shopping cart and then whisked through the aisles of our neighborhood grocery store. Add to this, that over the course of their lives, the average American will spend up to 6 full months grocery shopping. Grocery Shopping is so engrained in us that to imagine a world without retail grocery stores is like imagining a world without food!

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Are You Ready for Some Football? The Tampa Bay Bucs Network Is

Labor Day has come and gone. That can only mean one thing: It’s kickoff time for professional football.

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And the Award Goes to…Helping Customers

Navigating transitions is a life skill. We all face major and minor transitions, from changing schools to moving out on your own, or having children. Ideally, each transition is an opportunity to improve and grow stronger. This holds true both in life and in business.

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Networks are Key for Hybrid Clouds

Today’s digital economy mandates a digital business strategy for processes, products, customer relationships and innovation as I wrote about in the first blog post in this series. This requires a suite of digital technologies including big data and analytics, cybersecurity, mobile endpoints such as user devices and connected things, and an emerging set of compute and storage infrastructures such as private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, multiclouds, fog and edge. To connect and integrate all these elements, it is essential to have an overarching orchestration and application and infrastructure management strategy and a foundational network architecture, with end-to-end security.

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Stop Drinking from the Firehose, Try Serving Up An Innovation Cocktail

I’m envisioning, as I listen to you guys talk, a network mesh of data. And then, over time, applied intelligence against that data in my cloud…and this gives me scale, along with the ability to attract ecosystem partners for innovation. That seems to be the innovation cocktail, if you will, for the next decade.” Dave Vellante, theCUBE, August 28, 2018.

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VMworld Day Three Recap: CenturyLink Sessions

This year’s conference has been a tremendous one for the CenturyLink team. We started the week announcing the Catalyst Club, have held countless customer and partner meetings, and we’ve had great engagement from VMware professionals at our booth throughout the event.

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Insights from Day 3 – VMworld 2018

CenturyLink and VMware. Better Together.

It’s been a fantastic week in Las Vegas for VMworld 2018. CenturyLink has had a tremendous presence at this year’s show, and it was a great opportunity to share our story. It was also nice making so many new connections with a lot of very smart people!

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